About ActivaQ


ActivaQ S.A., a biotechnological company created in 2011, is initiating its first steps in last generation biotherapeutics for the veterinary industry, particularly in aquaculture. For such purpose, years of I+D have been performed in order to develop several platforms that may enable further entry in the animal production market with effective, safe and sustainable biological products.

Our main focus is to deliver an integrated offer of products and services that are able to assess fish behavior in terms of immune response and oxidative stress, and thereby condition gene expression, through a directed biotherapeutic offer, for salmonid disease control and protection.

In addition, ActivaQ maintains a food safety unit, with our Dioxin Detection Laboratory, and a Fish Genetics unit, with our Integrated Genetic Handling Program and genetic molecular analyses, amongst others.


Ana María Sandino and Geraldine Mlynarz, founding Partners of ActivaQ S.A., in 1997 created Diagnotec with the purpose of developing sanitary solutions for the veterinary industry, turning themselves into pioneers for introducing molecular technology to diagnosis and treatment of viral diseases in salmonids. The company developed three approaches towards biotechnological development in improvement of sanitary status: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention. Annual growth was considerable, reaching rates up to 30%, thus achieving leadership in the national aquaculture industry, in terms of Diagnostics and Prevention. In 2008, Diagnotec was purchased by Andromaco Enterprises and as of late 2011, divides itself into two companies: ActivaQ constituting itself independently with the founding partners, and Diagnotec, which is property of Andromaco Enterprises. Consequently from the division, Diagnotec still holds commercial activities related to salmonid disease diagnostics, meanwhile ActivaQ develops I+D projects and performs Specialized Consultations that include Genetics, Immune-genomics and Dioxin detection activities.