Genetic sex identification and ploidy in salmon, genetic variability analysis, breeding design and evaluation, Integral Genetic Handling Program Development (IGHP), services and counseling .

Genetic sex identification and ploidy in salmon
Salmon genetic sex determination service by the use of molecular tools.
In fish, salmonids included, sex determination by traditional methods is becoming more problematic given that only a reduced group show chromosomes clearly associated to sex.
Sample: muscle tissue.

Genetic variability analysis, breeding design and evaluation
Variability analyses are performed by use of microsatellite molecular markers.
In 2003, experts from ActivaQ S.A. take the first steps towards implementation of this analysis which is directed towards mating design in trouts and salmons.
Sample: muscle tissue.

Integral Genetic Handling Program Development (IGHP)
ActivaQ S.A. accounts for having pioneers of IGHP development in Chile. A team of elite interdisciplinary professionals use criteria and both morphological and molecular tools for this purpose.
One of the most important features of this service is the continual connection with our clients and the active participation of both parties in the definition of the objectives pretended to achieve.
Sample: muscle tissue.

Services and Counseling by use of the following platforms:

  • Field logistic support for genetic analyses.
  • Software assistance in genetic programs.
  • Support and assistance for problem resolving by DNA and RNA technologies.
  • Breeding control for endogamy avoidance.
  • Breeding evaluation.
  • In Field assistance for working management associated to breeding.
  • Genetic expression analysis.
  • Immunogenomic analysis.
  • Nutrigenomic analysis.
  • Identification and selection of candidate genes associated to important production and commercial traits.