• About Dioxins, Furans & dl-PCB's

    Given their health repercussions, the food industry must implement good practices and dioxin controls during primary production, processing and distribution to secure food safety both in humans and animals.

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  • Our service

    We offer a screening service for detection and semi-quantification of Dioxins Furans and dl-PCBs by use of the XDS-CALUX® (Chemically Activated Luciferase Expression) bioassay, licensed exclusively in Latin-America toActivaQ by the American company Xenobiotic Detection System.

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  • Summary of XDS-CALUX Bioassay methods

    The samples are extracted using standardized extraction protocols for each type of matrix. The raw extract is concentrated, resuspended in an organic solvent and submitted to a cleaning procedure licensed to ActivaQ by the enterprise XDS International, which uses acid silica columns and XCARB.

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