• ImmuneTrack®

    ActivaQ S.A. presents ImmuneTrack®, a technological platform which encompasses innate and adaptive immunity salmonid biomarkers for high throughput assessment throughout the entire productive cycle. Both ImmuneTrack®Innate, innate immunity evaluation service, and ImmuneTrack®Adaptive, adaptive immunity evaluation service, confer laboratory and industry solutions for the design, evaluation and selection of vaccines, adjuvant, diets, supplements amongst others.

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  • ActivaQ® ISAV Viral Load KIT

    ActivaQ® ISAV Viral Load KIT is designed to be used with the official detection method of ISAV recommended by World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and also approved by SERNAPESCA.

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  • ActivaQ® IPNV Diagnostic KIT

    The ActivaQ® IPNV Diagnostic KIT consists of reverse transcription and nested PCR, increasing the sensitivity of the assay

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